Owner & Chef

Hi, I’m Julie Roll (owner of The Boathouse on the Marina), a warm and friendly Bistro. So friendly I thought I’d introduce myself and the team properly:

I took on the lease of this wonderful Bistro in May this year (2017) and immediately started the recruitment of trusted friends and family to assist is this new venture. I have three children, with the youngest often seen during refurbishment curled up on one or our comfy sofas in-front of the TV.

My amazing partner (soon to be husband on the 16th June) is Jim Fear … I couldn’t have done all this without his support, he’s wonderful, but i’m biased. My close friends have all mucked in to allow you to see & enjoy what we have on offer today.

My superb Chef, Stuart Harmer has over 20 years experience and adds a twist to most dishes. I’m not going to give away to much whilst writing here, but rest-assured the proof is in the pudding (nice little pun there)!

Some of my other ‘crew’ members you are bound to meet on our decking are Jem Young & Nicki Wilson (Our Staff), terrific people who are full of passion, enthusiasm and willing to make your eating experience the best it can be!

Thank you for taking the time to read up about us,

we look forward to welcoming you to The Boat House in the Marina.